Willie Jones III drummer for Roberta Gambarini

On the 1st of June, Willie Jones III, one of world’s most leading drummers, will perform with Roberta Gambarini at Jazzin’ The Hague.    
Jones III, born in Los Angeles, was introduced to music through his father; Willie Jones II, an accomplished jazz pianist, who offered guidance and inspiration in his son’s musical career. The next few years Jones III worked together with various drummers and music instructors and started performing with different musicians in his teenage years.
Late 1994 Jones III took a next step in his career and gained the privilege of playing as sideman to the renowned vibist Milt Jackson. Meanwhile, his musical career continued to unfold. Jones III recorded drums and wrote music for many albums. Jones III worked alongside of acclaimed artist such as Herbie Hancock, Hank Jones and Sonny Rollins.


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